Trespass Against Us


Action  Crime  Drama  Thriller  


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Michael Fassbender as Chad Cutler
Sean Harris as Gordon Bennett
Brendan Gleeson as Colby Cutler
Rory Kinnear as P.C Lovage
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Joshua H. 9 / 10

A Gypsy Criminal Family

"Trespass Against Us" is a British crime film directed by Adam Smith, and is about Chad, a husband and father of two who's trying to separate himself from his father, Colby who constantly drags him in his life of crime. I saw the film at the 52nd Chicago International Film Festival this year and I must say it was a very entertaining film to watch.The film follows the conventional crime family story of son wanting to leave but father holding him back. Despite the film following a conventional narrative it was never the less a good watch. Michael Fassbender gives an excellent performance as Chad, and Brendan Gleeson is as up to par as the father, Colby. But I must say the kids in the film were excellent, they gave very impressive performances.Despite me enjoying the film for it's characters, and acting, there were plenty of flaws I had with the movie. In the very beginning of the film we find out that Chad's brother was locked up in prison so the family decides to drive a car hazardously through the street which says "Free Bryan", Chad's brother. After that the brother is never mentioned of again and just felt like an idea that was tossed around and eventually forgotten of. During the "action" parts of the film the cinematography gets very shaky and it's very hard to see what's happening. There's also a character in the film whose name is Gordon who was just annoying, I didn't get his character other than he's the "crazy" guy. Finally, the last twenty or so minutes of the film felt very loose and didn't have any sense of what it was doing, I felt that the movie really lost its steam and was just trying to keep on pushing up the tracks.Overall I really enjoyed "Trespass Against Us", it follows a very conventional story that we've seen many times before, but ultimately is saved by its performances by the entire cast.7.5 out of 10 / 3 out of 4

Reviewed by smarcster 9 / 10


I hadn't walked out of a movie in years, let alone one that was screening at a film festival I support, but I walked out of this one. After an hour, I couldn't take another minute. I kept waiting for one redeemable moment, one action, thought, or even expression from one of the characters that I could empathize with. But none was forthcoming.In the scenes in which the characters were driving recklessly, I found myself rooting for a crash. The thick regional dialect made it difficult for this American viewer to understand more than 25% of the dialogue, but extrapolating from the words I could understand, I concluded that this was actually a benefit. (I think my comprehension ratio was as high as 25% because so many of the words I could understand were obscenities.)The irony of all this is that I actually like and appreciate movies that depict a grim and unpleasant reality (think "On the Waterfront," or "The Hustler"). What made those films not just worth watching but great masterpieces is that at least some, if not all, of the characters had aspects or traits one could identify with, comprehend, and find sympathetic. But I found nothing about any of the characters in this film that was not ugly and repugnant.One reviewer I read (subsequent to going to the film) declared it the worst film he had seen at the Toronto film festival. From my perspective, that is a needlessly narrow comparison class.

Reviewed by wxgirl55 9 / 10

A small movie with great actors

First time feature-film director Adam Smith establishes much in the opening minutes of the movie.Our first image has the camera on the heels of a bullet-fast hare being chased and running for it's life through an endless meadow. Chasing, it seems, is a way of life for the backwoods thieving Cutler clan who we're about to meet.The local British constabulary is usually doing the pursuing. Chad Cutler (Michael Fassbender) squirms under the thumb of Colby, his domineering father, whose never-ending lifestyle of thievery sees no happy end. With a brother already trapped in prison, Chad looks at his young impressionable son and wonders whether he can offer him a different future. To create a different path he must reassess Colby as a role model, and contemplate the unimaginable? to trespass against his father's wishes and put his own young family's well-being above the clan's. Ensuring an education ? something his father denied him ? seems to be the only escape route for his children's otherwise ill-fated future. Colby, played by the indomitable Brendan Gleeson, is an uneducated patriarch whose limited worldview is a creeping cause for concern. His knack for planning successful robberies is now questionable, and he senses growing desperation and worry since it's become apparent his schemes are outdated and flawed. But knowing no other way of life, he hangs on, using whatever resources he can to keep his son, Chad, with him. Michael Fassbender is an extremely talented actor and makes a powerful presence on the screen. Through him we witness Chad's struggle to be a dutiful son, loving husband and responsible father. With no formal schooling, no ability to read or write, his strongest skill is seen behind the wheel of a car in hot pursuit, he wrestles to make a choice on what kind of future he can offer his young family. My rating: 76 /10020 /25 ? Overall11 /15 ? Directing12 /15 ? Acting13 /15 ? Cinematography (colour, angle, camera position)06 /10 ? Editing (rhythm, pace)08 /10 ? Script (dialogue, storyline)06 /10 ? Music/score (sound foley, costume, make-up casting)

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